Editorial Board

Darko Tipuric, Zagreb University, Croatia

Graham Orange, CIRCLE, UK

Gianpaolo Vignali, University of Manchester, UK                   

Daniela Ryding, University of Manchester, UK                        

Bernd Britzelmaier, Pforzheim University, Germany          

Tomasz Wisniewski, Szczecin University, Poland               

Enrico Bonetti, University 2 Naples, Italy                      

George Lodorfos, Leeds Beckett University, UK                       

Alberto Mattiacci, La Sapienza Rome, Italy                         

Leo Dana, The University of Montpelier, France                

Hans Rudiger Kaufmann, University of Nicosia, Cyprus   

Carmen Santos, University Leon, Spain                           

Dolores Sanchez Bengoa, University Vilnius, Lithuania                                  

Tomasz Bernat, Szczecin University, Poland                               

Mitsunori Hirogaki, Kushimo University, Japan                

Madalena Pereira, Univesity Beira Interior, Portugal               

Iga Rudawska, Szczecin University, Poland                   

Carsten Barsch, HDBW, Germany                                         

Edyta Rudawska, Szczecin University, Poland                     

Kreiso Znidar, Prizma Zagreb, Croatia                                

Gianpaolo Basile, University of Salerno, Italy                      

Antonio Feraco, Nan yang University, Singapore               

Barry Davies, University of Gloucestershire, UK                 

Vitor Ambrosio, ESHTE, Portugal                                           

Razaq Raj, Leeds Beckett University, UK                                    

Tahir Rashid, University of Salford, UK                                     

Juergen Polke, University of Gloucestershire, UK

Mirko Palic, University of Zagreb, Croatia                       


Professor Claudio Vignali - Editor for the UK

Professor of Retail Marketing Management

Leeds Metropolitan University, UK


Professor Bernd Haillier - Editor for Retailing and Sales

Managing Director of EHI Retail Institute

President of The European Retail Academy


Dr. Anastasia Konstantopoulou - Editor for Marketing, Branding, Small Businesses

Associate Dean The University of Edge Hill, Liverpool


Prof.Dr. Bernd Hallier is Managing Director of the EHI Retail Institute (www.ehi.org) since 1985. He is also the President of EuroShop - worldwide exhibition for retail investment goods (www.euroshop.de), Chairman of the Board of the Orgainvent (www.orgainvent.de ), founder of EUREPGAP (now GlobalGAP- Good Agricultural Practice) (www.globalgap.org ) Prof.Hallier manages also the European Retail Academy (www.european-retail-academy.org) as an executive member of the Board of Trustees. Apart from his teaching activity in Germany he lectures in trade marketing and trade management at the Moscow academy of business at the Government of  Moscow and in Philadelphia/USA. Additionally  he is monitoring for the EU in 2010 “new skills” for commerce to prepare international blended learning systems.

His book “EuroShop” published in German/English in 2004 and in 2008 in Russian became a standard shopfitting literature.

Professor Vignali joined Leeds Met on 1 September 2003 from the School of Consumer, Tourism and Hospitality Management at Manchester Metropolitan University, where he had been the Consumer Section and Research Head for the past three years. Prior to this he was the postgraduate diploma course leader in the department of Retailing and Marketing. He has written more than 50 articles and books in the field of Retailing and Marketing and is the editor of two academic journals, The British Food Journal and the International Journal of Management Cases. In the past Professor Vignali has worked for Crown Berger Paints, part of Akzo Nobell, and Benetton, where he has held positions from brand manager to export director and developed distribution and retail operations in Europe and the Middle East.

Prof. Alaa Soliman - Editor for Economics

Leeds Beckett University, UK


Dr Konstantopoulou is currently Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching) in the Faculty of Arts & Sciences in Edge Hill University.  Her research interests span across Education and Management with a  focus on student experience and organisational management, branding and small businesses. 

She has supervised Postgraduate students as well as undergraduate students and is interested in the publication of education pedagogy.

Alaa Soliman is a Professor of Economics at University of Vitez since 2016 and a Senior Lecturer in Economics at Leeds Beckett University, UK since 2002 where he joined from South Bank University, UK where he worked as a Research Fellow. He has great interest in the areas of Financial Development, International Finance, Islamic banking and Finance, Monetary Economics and Financial Economics. He graduated with PhD in economics and MSc. in Financial and Monetary Economics from UEL, UK.  Dr. Soliman has been a guest editor and a referee for a number of academic journals which include Journal of Development Studies, Cogent Economics and Finance and Empirica.

Professor Lazo Roljic PhD - Editor in Chief

University of Vitez, Bosnia and Herzegovina                                                       


Lazo is a university professor and researcher who has specialised throughout his career in organizational-technical and economic aspects of the economy and social transition.  He is the Dean, and Full Professor of the Faculty of Information Technologies at the University of Vitez, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He worked for 21 years in the Institute of Economics, University of Banja Luka, where he was engaged as a project manager, author and chief researcher in numerous scientific researches and projects in the fields of development and organisation of economic and social sectors, education and planning of human resources, development and application of methods for economic analysis and management processes, functional and system analysis of social protection and services sector. 

As a Fulbright scholar, he organised and taught undergraduate course of Analytical Methods in Management at The DuPree College of Management, The Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA.

He has published over 200 scientific and professional papers, between them are 23 books, and 20 are participations as author, co-author, team leader or co-leader and consultant in over 20 international scientific research projects. He is a certified expert of the HEA - Agency for Development of Higher Education and Quality Assurance of B&H, and certified national trainer and consultant of the EU Regional Economic Development B&H in the field of strategic and operational management, and management information systems.